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• 1/22/2019


It is never an innovation of something if not even single mind's notion is taken to investment, as partaker in radical transformation in that particular field
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• 12/7/2018

Am 75% done in GRW, but the buchons are so easy to kill and am playing "extreme difficulty" :( ...

I took down Bookhart with a flashbang and knock out .... like seriously .... he didnt even fire a single shot... am having more fun with the Cartel Soldiers and Unidad Soldiers than with the Buchons and Underbosses, am hoping El Sueno puts up a tough fight ...

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• 10/10/2018

Squad up in Wildlands

Starting a thread for people to find groups to be a part of in wildlands. I currently don't have my copy (it's in the mail from Amazon) but am looking for people to start squadplay with since I hear it's more fun with real people vs. NPC squad mates.
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• 9/18/2018


Alguien juega en Xbox one mi GT es LdsXHALOFORZA Ghost recon widlands 😀😀🙂😐😆😄
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• 8/24/2018

Aenuwa Awae

Aenuwa Awae
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• 8/1/2018

Immersive Squad wanted

Got back into GRW recently and wanted a squad to do immersive gameplay with let me know if u want to squad up!! PS4 ID is OffLuC (Ik it cringe lol)
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• 7/16/2018

wow or not wow

dear friends,
I would ask you what is the best
or r ambow six
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• 6/17/2018

Need Xbox one players!!!

A mic is wanted but not needed
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• 5/10/2018
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• 4/24/2018

The bosses I have defeated so far and how?

La Gringa: You don't have to defeat everyone in Production to get to La Gringa - I hit everyone except Ocoro. As the cartel of Tabacal is really close to La Gringa.

El Muro - you have to defeat everyone - then break into a high security Unidad base in Media Luna. El Muro is a headache as he goes on a run and then hides in another Unidad base using a vehicle. I took the APV as its harder to ram into.

El Cardenal - everyone defeated - high security church - use your drone wisely - knock them out one by one. Any detection and you lose. Go towards the scaffolding on the rear side of the church to enter in. Use a suppressor + Sniper Rifle = it works very well. Or jump out of a helicopter and parachute to the back of the roof as the front has a sniper there.
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• 3/5/2018

Come and Play

Hi I have a ps4 my name is RobotGuy71004 and I recently got the game and I’m looking for some friends to play with. Send me a message on PlayStation if interested
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• 3/4/2018

EVE Lighting
ASUS ZenTalk Forum|ZenPhoto
ASUS ZenTalk Forum|ZenPhoto
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• 4/12/2017

Rank level not changing

Has anyone had issues with not ranking up after completing some many missions & provinces? i am almost 100% done with the game but my character is stuck at level 19, while one of my friends is at level 30 and the other on level 24. Is there any reason for this to be happening or is it just another Ubisoft fuck up? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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• 7/30/2015

release date

so has anyone heard when the release date will be for GR: Wildlands?
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• 6/18/2015

Home page

A thought is moving (and updating) the images slideshow under the Featured Media header, next to the video shown.
In addition to this what about placing the affiliates section within a box that does not have a white background, so as to make the other wiki's images easier to distinguish? And what of the other Tom Clancy [game] related wikis; perhaps their images could/ should be added to the section. Being able to click on the images and have them linked to the actual wiki home pages would also be useful.
Beyond that how about a section on the home page linking to Ghost Recon community/ fan sites?
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• 6/18/2015

Nav Bar overhaul

Pertaining to the navigation bar at the top of the wiki: I'm thinking that shortening the content listed under "Games" would be a good idea. By this I mean "Ghost Recon Phantoms" could be shortened to "Phantoms", "Advanced Warfighter" could instead be "GRAW". same goes for "GRAW 2". Then "Wildlands" could be squeezed in at the left.
Also, instead of "Weapons" and "Vehicles" how about a "Content" tab? Such could contain "Characters", "Factions", "Locations", "Vehicles", and "Weapons" among any other subjects.
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