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What is a good all-rounder load out in GRW

Basically what the title says, I need a load out where I can be stealthy but when the time comes I can defend myself and be loud. (Also I need a good long range weapon for snipers.)
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• 1/6/2019

GRW Team

Looking for people to help/Hang with on GRW, Preferably any real military personnel or people that have their head screwed on right. I despise 14-year-old know it all's and am looking for some good company that will actually know what the heck they are doing. I'm on Xbox One and my times are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. At around 11-12 pm EST, the mic is a must and rude dudes and dudettes are not needed. The campaign is my brew and I absolutely don't like multiplayer.
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• 12/17/2018

casino music

what's the casino music, been looking for a few days and it's a catchy tune, new to ghost recon but liked that ost, pretty please.

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• 12/15/2018
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• 12/15/2018


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• 12/7/2018

Am 75% done in GRW, but the buchons are so easy to kill and am playing "extreme difficulty" :( ...

I took down Bookhart with a flashbang and knock out .... like seriously .... he didnt even fire a single shot... am having more fun with the Cartel Soldiers and Unidad Soldiers than with the Buchons and Underbosses, am hoping El Sueno puts up a tough fight ...

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• 11/27/2018

Fire team

Looking for team mates to play can pain on wildlands
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• 11/26/2018

gold mountain HU

Putzak YouTube
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• 11/19/2018
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• 11/14/2018


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• 11/6/2018


I will kill you
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• 10/24/2018

Hi everybohdi!!

I wanted to say is all so hi!!
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• 10/20/2018


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• 10/17/2018

Lol I just died

Send me v-bucks
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• 10/10/2018

Squad up in Wildlands

Starting a thread for people to find groups to be a part of in wildlands. I currently don't have my copy (it's in the mail from Amazon) but am looking for people to start squadplay with since I hear it's more fun with real people vs. NPC squad mates.
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• 9/26/2018


Looking for people to play GR Wildlands with, never can seem to find people often. GT: ArmoredInferno on Xbox One
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• 9/23/2018
Inside Rainbow Official Trailer – Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Inside Rainbow Official Trailer – Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege YouTube
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• 9/23/2018
Battlefield 4 - Cinematic Recruitment Trailer - Elite Rebellion
Battlefield 4 - Cinematic Recruitment Trailer - Elite Rebellion YouTube
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• 9/23/2018
46th M.E.U recruitment cinematic
46th M.E.U recruitment cinematic YouTube
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• 9/21/2018

Ghost Recon Widlands

Busco a alguien que me ayude a matar a Predator,al Tito y a las Tres Brujas.Mi ID es Sniper712pro y juego en ps4.
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