GRW. " SILENT JUSTICE-WOLF GROUP " on PS4 is looking for recruits!

Hi to all out there,
My psn is MADCIBERKITER. Like you I am a GRW player and I am looking for mature players to join the ranks of the SILENT JUSTICE-WOLF GROUP (tag: WOLF).
Your level of game is irrelevant as we need to learn to play as a team first! Then Yeah baby we will make our way to the killing fields of the future PvP update and in the meantime we will do co-op and side missions etc...

Notice: I invite you to check on GRW network online via ubisoft club as they have nice free gears for your ghost! Join me in I am under the same pseudo too.

I will be on GRW most of every night of the week around 21:00 (UK time).

Catch you soon and let's the SILENT JUSTICE begin!