The Aamon Mark II drone was designed by Jace Skell and re-parameterized by Cole D. Walker, based off the Incubus archetype ground combat drone.


The Aamon patrols independently to monitor and secure specific areas, they regroup and attack any individual that is not listed in its system. They are mostly assigned to patrol areas with vegetation (forest, jungle and swamps). It is armed with 2 heavy machine guns and often deployed in pairs.

The Aamon is ready for mass production and commercial sale.


If you are looking for a fight with some Aamons, locate an Aamon Assualt area, there you will find a building with a loot box being patroled by two Aamons.



  • The drone is named after Aamon, a Marquis of Hell depicted as a wolf with a serpent's tail, spitting fire.

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