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The Arctic Warfare is a sniper rifle of UK origin. The AW has become very popular among armies and special units around the world and has become the leading bolt action sniper rifle. The Magnum models have taken up in popularity in the recent years and the AWSM currently viewed as the standard model. The AWSM model currently holds the record for the longest range confirmed kill.

The Arctic Warfare designation has been derived from the bolt action system that allows it to function well even in freezing situations. The polymer stock and aluminum chassis reduce the weight. The barrel is free floating and a two stage trigger is standard. Late production models allow for a variety of options including a Picatinny sight rail, rear monopod and front sight rail.

The baseline AW rifle fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round from a 10 round box magazine. Additionally there are the AWM in .300 Winchester and AWSM in .338 Lapua. The effective range is claimed to be 1.000 m for the AW, 1.200 m for the AWM and 1.500 m for the AWSM. The accuracy is around 0.5 MOA when high quality ammunition is used.