Alex Nolan is a medic, and a member of the Ghosts around the time of the Mexican insurgency of 2014 where he serves alongside Captain Scott Mitchell and the rest of the Ghosts.

Personal life

Alex grew up in Boston, MA, where both his parents were physicians. Alex was very good at school, and categorized in the nerdy crowd. Following the family tradition, medicine attracted him, but he wanted a sharper edge, something that gave him a true sense of emergency.


After this board certified family physician completed his residency in Family Medicine at Madigan Army Medical Center in Fort Lewis, Washington, he volunteered for a humanitarian assistance mission to Eritrea, where he first came into contact with the Ghosts. Impressed by their steely will, he resolved to one-day work at their side. Only after he underwent rigorous training with the 36th Area Support Medical Company (Airborne) and did a tour of duty in Asia did he finally land the toughest assignment any field medic can undertake: going into battle with The Ghosts. He became good friends with fellow Ghost John Hume.

China mission (2012)

He was visiting MIT in April 2012 with Hume when they were assigned to Operation War Wraith in China. He was armed with a P90 SD with a suppressor.

Mexican Rebellion (2013)

He served with Captain Scott Mitchell in Mexico.

Afghanistan (2013)

He also served during the Afghanistan mission under Mitchell. He was killed investigating a Taliban cave complex.


Alex never grew past his geeky look, which makes him an easy target for jokes. He tries to compensate by being funnier, and he's always the first to crack a joke.