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Amaru is the name of the founder of the Kataris 26 rebels. Just before Operation Kingslayer was launched, he was captured by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel and "questioned" by El Polito and La Yuri.

The Ghosts rescued him from Atollo Farm as part of their first mission in Bolivia.

He was later betrayed and killed by Pac Katari for disagreeing with his plans to turn on the Ghosts and execute El Sueño rather than hold him accountable for his crimes. His body was left for the Ghosts to find.


  • Amaru is likely named after Túpac Amaru II, the leader of a large Andean uprising against the Spanish in Peru, where its quelling resulted in his death. This uprising took place at the same time as Túpac Katari's uprising in what would become Bolivia.