Ghost Recon Wiki

Several ruins anchor this forest-filled map. Each of the seven ruins is uniquely shaped, so memorize the patterns of the stone walls. That way, when you arrive at a site, you won't get lost in the stonework maze, and you won't let the enemy surprise you from a better position. If you hold the center ruin, you can quickly strike anywhere on the map. However, holding that center ruin can prove troublesome, with all the open real estate that surrounds the largest site.

This map is all about maneuvering. There is lots of dense foliage, so use it to cover your advance, and hit people from lots of different directions at once.

If you are guarding one of the ruined buildings, try to get people in a perimeter around it. The people on the defense have a definite advantage, so counter it with a judicious use of explosives to soften up your target before moving in.

Hug the border when assaulting an enemy-held ruin. It's possible to sneak behind the defenders, who will probably be preparing for an attack from the map's center. You also eliminate any counterattack from the border side, which enables you to focus your field of fire directly on the ruins.