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Andrew Ross was a Navy SEAL and Command Master Chief-turned-Captain in the Ghosts. He led 30K, Pepper, and John Kozak in an operation in Colombia.


Andrew Ross was a Command Master Chief in the Navy SEALs who became a Captain in The Ghosts. He led a team to Colombia to rescue a CIA officer, where their true quarry was not as it seemed. His team in Colombia consisted of 30K, Pepper, and John Kozak under orders from Scott Mitchell.

In Colombia, he worked with their Special Forces led by Captain Jiménez to rescue an officer - Delgado - captured by the FARC. They had to switch positions when the FARC laid an ambush. They were unable to rescue him. Following the incident, agent "Adamo" gave them additional intel.

Ross and his team were then assigned to Tobruk to shut down the Bedayat Jadeda network. His contact is Abdul Maziq. They first shut down "Tamer"'s operation, permanently.

Their search for the network took them to Yemen, where they became embroiled in a civil war.

Ross and his team eventually extracted to the USS Independence, where they tracked their target freighter to Rupat Island. The Ghosts and a platoon of Marines stormed the island to shut down the operation. Ross and Pepper used their optical camouflage to track Hamid and Delgado, and they captured the two, although Pepper and Delgado were both wounded.

Eight weeks later, he and his team reunited at the Liberator Sports Bar and Grill with Mitchell, where they affirmed their intentions to go back out.

Prior to the operation, his son Jonathan was struck by a fellow SEAL and did not survive.


Ross is a determined leader and a seasoned warrior, having fought in several locations across the globe, including Waziristan. Ross speaks Spanish and Arabic. He has a hatred of terrorists, reality TV, and Cupcake, his ex-wife's Chihuahua.

He was proud of his son, and a good father. The loss of his son prevented him from performing CPR.