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A belt-fed LMG on an M4 lower.
- In-Game Description

The Krytac Trident LMG-E is a Light Machine Gun featured in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, under the odd designation of "MK249" despite not being based on the M249 SAW or any other FN Minimi derivative in the slightest. It is the weapon of UNIDAD heavy soldiers.

It is stored in a weapon box in a cartel outpost in the Malca province. A unique variant called the "Llamativo" (which means Flashy) is awarded to the player after they have interrogated Carzita. It has an EXPS3, a foregrip and sports a flashy black and gold paintjob, and is used by Carzita's particularly
hostile manager when attempting to assassinate him.

In Fallen Ghosts, Santa Blanca Drug Cartel Machine Gunners use this as there primary weapon instead of the PKP. Albeit this is rare to see, because Santa Blanca in general is hard to see.



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