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The Azraёl Mark III drone was designed by Jace Skell and re-parameterized by Cole D. Walker, and is assigned to oversee Auroa security.


Designed to scan terrains from the sky and over large scale areas. The Azraёl is equipped with high resolution cameras, heat sensors, and pattern recognition algorithms. When an Azraёl spots a hostile it is able to relay its position to any nearby Andras and Stolas drones and re-task them to intercept and engage. This method of communication between drones is almost symbiotic and dependent on dedicated ground-side relays which are guarded by Behemoth drones. Wolves monitor this communication so they can respond along side the retasked drones.

The Azraёl is ready for mass production and commercial sale.


If the player is with team mates, they will alert the player of an incoming Azraёl. The drone is very audiable and sounds almost like an airplane. It can be downed with a single well-placed high-powered sniper shot or with multiple shots of any other weapon, but are hard to hit due to their altitude and speed. Prone Camo and the natural suroundings can be helpful in avoiding the drone completely if one has no interest in dealing with the Wolves coming after you after the drone spots the player. Anti-drone spray provided in the Panther class can be used to hide from the Azraёl.

Either a patrol of Wolves and Stolas drones or a helicopter piloted by the Wolves (if the area is inaccessible to a ground patrol) will appear once the Azraёl deploys a flare to the player's location.


  • The drone is named after Azraёl, the angel of destruction and death.
  • The drones' AI is challenged by the topography of Auroas' fjords, a vulnerability of sorts that homesteader supply lines try to exploit when able.
  • When the drone is about to hit world geometry, such as a tall mountain side, it will simply adjust its flight height by a few meters above the obstacle instead of strafing or doing another elaborate maneuver.
  • The Pathfinder uses modified Azraёl drones known as Armaros for different uses.
  • A helicopter may be landed on an Azraёl if done so carefully without blowing the drone up.



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