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The BMP-2 is a mechanized infantry fighting vehicle of Soviet origin. It is a more combat capable version of the earlier BMP-1. The BMP-2 was developed after combat experience with the BMP-1 during conflicts in the Middle East.

The BMP-2 retains the overall layout of the BMP-1 as roughly the same chassis is used. The main improvements over the BMP-1 are the two man turret, which also houses the commander, and the improved armor package. Due to the larger turret the troop capacity is reduced from eight to seven.

The main armament is the powerful 30mm 2A42 dual feed autocannon. It has a cyclic rate of fire of either 200 to 300 rounds per minute or 550 rounds per minute. The effective range is 1.5 km. A 7.62mm PKT machine gun is mounted as a coaxial weapon.

The BMP-2 has a slightly improved armor package compared to the BMP-1. Over the frontal arc there is protection against 12.7mm rounds and the sides and rear at able to withstand 12.7mm rounds fired from longer ranges. Some BMP-2's have been fitted with add-on armor. An NBC system is standard and six smoke grenade launchers are fitted on the turret.

The tracked chassis provides the BMP-1 with a good cross country performance. A 300hp diesel engine provides propulsion. The BMP-1 is fully amphibious by raising the trim vane and is propelled in the water by its tracks.


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