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The BTR-90 armored personnel carrier was developed in the early 1990s. First prototype was completed in 1994. It is a further development of the BTR-80 APC, with a more powerful armament, grater mobility, improved protection and increased internal volume. Development of the BTR-90 has been long, troubled and expensive. In the mid 1990s a small number of pre-production APCs was acquired by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. However due to limited funding the BTR-90 never reached mass production. Currently the Russian Army orders BTR-82 APCs as a stop-gap measure instead, until new-generation Bumerang armored personnel carrier becomes available. The BTR-90 was offered for export customers, however no orders were placed to date.

Hull of the BTR-90 armored personnel carrier is thicker than its predecessors. Forward windscreens were deleted and replaced with periscopes. This feature improved protection of the hull. It is claimed that a front arc provides protection against 14.5 mm rounds. Additional armored panels ore explosive reactive armor modules can be fitted. Vehicle can also be equipped with active protection systems. NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems are fitted as standard.

The BTR-90 has a standard internal arrangement of the BTR family. It has engine compartment located in the hull rear. Driver is seated at the front of the hull, turret controls and troop compartment are located in the middle. Vehicle has increased external dimensions, as well as internal volume. It can carry loads up to 7 000 kg in place of the troops.

The BTR-90 APC is armed with a 30 mm cannon and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun. Turret is similar to that, fitted on the BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. Additionally it is armed with 30 mm automatic grenade launcher and a single Konkurs (Western reporting name AT-5 Spandrel) anti-tank guided missile launcher. The Konkurs has a maximum range of 4 000 m. This missile launcher is detachable and can be used to launch missiles from the ground. Later an improved BTR-90, fitted with four Kornet-E (AT-14 Spriggan) missile launchers was observed. Both commander and gunner can fire all vehicle weapons. The main 30 mm gun has an elevation range of -5° to +75°. It can also engage low flying helicopters.

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