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The Baal is a Titan drone on Golem Island.


Prototype designed to efficiently eliminate targets in open areas. Can be air dropped to fight as a vanguard.

  • Type: Military
  • Function: All purpose elimination
  • Equipment: Analysing device. Rocket launcher. Electrical discharges
  • Project Phase: Functional Prototype
  • Production: Only one prototype
  • Director: Cole D. Walker
  • Assignment: Guards the chemical refinery on Golem Island.
  • Name Origin: Baal is the head of the infernal powers and teaches the art of invisibility.

The drone is airdropped by the Gargoyle drone at the large platform at the Chemical Refinery once the boss fight has been commenced.

Baal is supported by numerous Wolves, which appear from hangar doors on the sides of the platform.

Located at Sector 1 on Golem Island for Project Titan, this boss drone scans its targets and if hostile, Baal will fire all of its rockets at the target, and will also run over any hostiles.




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