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Barvechos is a province in Bolivia. It is controlled by smuggling buchon El Pulpo and his right-hand man Wagner. It is also where Nidia Flores' mansion is located. Barvechos is an Altiplano province and money laundering center for the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel.

Barvechos is described as:
"An Altiplano province and money laundering center."

It is bordered by Mojocoyo, Remanzo and San Mateo in the north, and by Montuyoc, Pucara and Itacua in the south.

The following missions take place in Barvechos:

Unique missions:


This province is located in the region of Altiplano and is focused on silver exploration, Ilama breeding, and barley cultures, one of the few cereals capable of growing at this altitude. Barvechos, a vast city home to many miners, is the capital of this province. The villages of Matico and Pucamayu are focused on agricultural activities.

The area also has important mineral resources. The Barvechos Plata Company operates a large silver mine where the Santa Blanca has had an office since the cartel entered its capital.

The central position of Barvechos, the presence of an airport, and the friendship of Barvechos Plata's boss were reasons for Nidia Flores to settle there. She restored and modernized a big hacienda to live in when she stays in Bolivia. From there, she controls smuggling activities while having a comfortable and luxurious life for her and her daughter.

The friendly accounting practices of Barvechos Plata and Barvechos bank allow Nidia Flores to launder the cartel gains. She has built a camp to house the millions of dollars passing through the province. In normal times, a hundred million are kept there. Sueño asked Pulpo, one the cartel's accountants in which he has the most confidence, to come. His mission is to verify that no one steals from the cash register of the drug lord.