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The Behemoth Mark VI drone was designed by Jace Skell and re-parameterized by Cole D. Walker, tasked with the protection of drone relays scattered in the wilderness of Auroa.


The Behemoth is designed to roam isolated wild areas with an almost endless autonomy and to protect strategic Skell infrastructure. Armed with two large gatling guns, a multi-shot mortar launcher, and a SAM launcher, the Behemoth can eradicate just about any threat with its fearsome firepower. Along with it, the Behemoth is well equipped with an anti-EMP device capable of rebooting the drone after system failure.

A special Byleth-variant is found also at various locations capable of dispersing toxic gas from its mortar rounds. The gas will slowly damage the area around the red warning circles, which is about as big as with the standard mortar rounds.

The Behemoth is in BETA development and has low production volume.


Proposed methods for successfully engaging a Behemoth:

  • Fighting from long range with a .50 cal. rifle, maneuvering to avoid mortars as necessary.
  • Utilizing an IC-8 Incursion or LC-4 Coercion with additional squad members to fire upon the unit, playing metaphorical whack-a-mole (you are the mole) by driving in and out of cover or continually putting cover between yourselves as you strafe it while driving.
    • Additional friendlies able to fire rockets or heavy caliber rifles from cover in nearby hills / other high ground expedites the process.
    • A.I team mates are able to shoot down the Behemoth before it is able to even react to the player with either of the two vehicles' main cannon. However, keep in mind that sometimes the A.I. are not able to level the turret at the target's position, so they will just keep missing the drone just above it.
  • Helicopters' missiles deal bearly noticable damage to the Behemoth drone and the drone can easily take out the choppers with the guided missile if the player doesn't use cover, such as a hill, though the helicopter is difficulty to handle with precise aiming and often what simply happens is you shoot right past the Behemoth or the missiles hit the hit between you and the drone and at worst case scenario, you'll blow yourself up when hitting the hill.
  • A human squadmate could use mounted miniguns against the drone, but they probably are not so accurate at long range and also when the pilot has to avoid the guided missiles.

The Behemoth has four glowing blue weak points. Destroying one will cause the Behemoth to shut down for a few seconds. Use this opportunity to relocate or whale on it with armed fire. There is a weak point on all four sides of the Behemoth however they are covered in armor which will have to be destroyed first. Using EMP grenades can also give the same effect as a destroyed weak point.

Do not attempt to run up to the Behemoth as it has the power to instant kill by running you over.

If you are looking for a fight with a Behemoth then you can go to Howard Airfield or a Tactical Relay (The small towers that the Azraël and the Stolas drones communicate with). There, you will find a Behemoth guarding said location but be careful, the Behemoth at Howard Airfield will be fighting with a camps worth of Sentinel Corp. soldiers. There is also a side mission where you must destroy a Behemoth at a city simulation testing ground. Outside of any raids, the arenas where you normally fight the Titan Drones are occupied by Behemoths, excluding the Skell Quantum Computer center which has been sealed during free-roam.


  • Default variant which launches explosive mortar rounds
  • Byleth variant which launches toxic gas mortar rounds
  • Same as the default variant, but with the Wolves' paint scheme

Behemoth Defense Areas

Behemoths only appear in various unique locations designated as Behemoth defense areas throughout the Auroa archipelago protecting data transmitter towers. The towers include crates containing unique items, such as weapon blueprints and cosmetics.

Maunga Nui Island

Fen Bog - Howard Airfield (one of the two only locations where the Wolf variant spawns.)

Darkwood Island

Windy Islands

Golem Island

Note: Behemoths only appear on Golem Island if the player doesn't engage in a raid and goes to explore the island during freeroam.



  • The drone is named after a behemoth, a mythological beast whos name has come to be used for any large and powerful entity.
  • While designed primarily as a defensive drone, Sentinel is attempting to expand the Behemoths offensive capability with urban invasion scenarios.
  • When free-roaming Golem island outside of a raid, the raid bosses are replaced with the Behemoths.
  • A sticker on the chassis says the Behemoth is a Mark 3-model, though the collectible says it's Mark 4.

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