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Brother Vs Brother is a main mission in Episode 1 in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Walker, a former comrade and friend, became the enemy. He has killed Ghosts, is plotting against his government and is a threat to world peace. He needs to be taken care of.

1. After finishing Eagles Down, the player is given the option to interrogate any Sentinel officers for the location of Cole. D. Walker. His location is pin-pointed at the old Cold War era airfield located in the north side of Sinking Country.

2. The airfield's main entrance is protected by two SAM launchers located at SAM sites Harrier and Osprey. The base is protected by various Sentinel units and a unique Behemoth with the Wolves' color scheme. Access to the airfield can be achieved from various entrances to the sides of the base.

3. Before one can enter the airfield's base, the Behemoth must be destroyed.

4. After entering the base, the player is presented with a cutscene. Nomad shoots at Walker and tells Walker could give up, however, he refuses. The player is given three dialogue options. Walker offers Nomad a place with his Wolves. Nomad refuses and tells that Walker killed his soldiers and made him kill his friend. Walker says that Nomad is making him kill his. Walker starts suppressing Nomad and escapes further into the base.

5. In the base, Walker attacks Nomad accompined by his Wolves and a defense perimeter of drones. Walker will kill Nomad instantly, so make sure you avoid his line of fire. The Field Medic and A.I teammates grant extra lives if the player is downved during the fight. Otherwise, the player must start from outside the base and has to watch the cutscene again.

6. Once Walker has been killed and the building has been cleared from hostiles, a cutscene plays. Nomad drags Walker by some boxes. Walker hands Nomad his dogtags and tells him that Wonderland will still happen. A flashback plays from 2019 in Bolivia before Operation Kingslayer, where Nomad along with Josiah Hill meet Walker. After the flashback, Nomad says "You could've been a better man than this, Walker." or adds "Look what your Wonderland got you into.", depending if the player completes the mission before or after the main story is at its end. The mission ends.

7. The player is now given the option to complete the mission Checkmate if Episode 1 is at an end. Otherwise, the player still must complete the storyline and evaucate the base, however, few changes to a select cutscenes happen.

Walker is dead. While he is no longer a threat, his remaining men and the shadow of something bigger still lingers over the Auroa archipelago. World peace is still at risk.


If the player has not assassinated Walker after he executes Weaver, the player has the option to interrogate Sentinel officers for the location of Walker's base and begin Brother Vs Brother before the end of the main story. However, the player is still required to infiltrate Howard Airfield and fight the Behemoth guarding the command structure again once Checkmate is active if Walker has been defeated previously in the game.

During this mission, it's recommended that you play with 150 gear/weapons, you join co-op and you have a nice size amount of explosives since you'll first be fighting a Behemoth, then Walker. The Behemoth is otherwise the same as in other defense areas, expect it is coated after the Wolves' insignia.

While in Walker's headquarters, his drones will hover over him, absorbing all bullets and explosives thrown at him. Target the drones first, then eliminate Walker with a single headshot.

ARs and MGs with extended magazines are recommended due to the CQC environent of the final boss encounter, though a sniper rifle with the Sharpshooter class is helpful against the Behemoth.


  • Silver Stake Tactical (Blueprint)
  • Silver Stake Tactical (Weapon)
  • Sharp Thunder (Blueprint)
  • Sharp Thunder (Weapon)
  • Silent Hunter (Emblem)
  • 3,000 Skell Credits