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In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Buchons are leading figures within the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel, responsible for key areas of the cartel's operations and management. Each Buchon also serves as the "boss" of a specific province of Bolivia; undermining the cartel's control over each region means killing or apprehending the local Buchon during the game's story missions.

Bosses Description
El Sueño icon.png
El Sueño
Head of the Santa Blanca Cartel.
Jefe of jefes, the mysterious El Sueño founded the Santa Blanca cartel in 2008. Many Bolivians consider him a saint.
El Yayo GRW.png
El Yayo

The cartel's head of cocaine production, Yana is a native Aymaran who believes in the divine power of the coca plant.
La Gringa GRW.png
La Gringa

Head chemist. An expert in biochemistry, she develops scientific advances in cocaine production.
Marcus Jensen

Assistant chemist. A brilliant chemist and radical libertarian, Jensen sees his work for the cartel as an exercise in personal liberty.
Madre Coca

Co-head coca farmer. Born a cocalero, Faro ran away from Tabacal in 1983 and eventually rose to be a buchon in the Santa Blanca cartel.
El Wey

A former miner, Gil joined the cartel at the age of 19. Now he manages the pyrolusite mines in Villa Verde.
El Emisario

The grandson of the powerful and respected El Yayo, Gonzalo is fiercely loyal to his family and proud of his Aymara heritage.
El Cardinal GRW.png
El Cardenal
Operation: INFLUENCE

Head of Influence and El Sueño's advisor, a defrocked Catholic priest who heads up the cartel's charitable front organizations.
La Santera.png
La Santera
Operation: INFLUENCE

The self-proclaimed virgin priestess of Santa Muerte, Mendez has thousands of devoted followers across Bolivia.
DJ Perico
Operation: INFLUENCE

Wannabe tough guy, disc jockey for Santa Blanca Cartel Radio.
El Chido
Operation: INFLUENCE

World's most-famous Narcocorrido singer, loved by the Santa Blanca drug cartel.
Operation: INFLUENCE

The privileged son of a telecom billionaire, in charge of the cartel's resort.
Ramon Feliz
Operation: INFLUENCE

A journalist once devoted to exposing Santa Blanca's misdeeds to the world, Feliz was kidnapped and tortured by El Sueño, and is now forced to write propaganda supporting the cartel on pain of death.
Nidia Flores GRW.png
Nidia Flores
Operation: SMUGGLING

A beauty queen at age 18, Flores used her looks and her wits to become the head of smuggling for the cartel.
El Boquita GRW.png
El Boquita
Operation: SMUGGLING

The cartel's smuggling manager and father to Nidia's baby.
La Cabra.png
La Cabra
Operation: SMUGGLING

Intelligent, charming and extremely ruthless, Serrano has been the cartel's chief negotiator since 2006.
El Cerebro
Operation: SMUGGLING

Submarine engineer. Recruited by Nidia flores, highly intelligent but crazy, he designs drug subs for the cartel.
Boston Reed
Operation: SMUGGLING

A notoriously hard to track, Reed is a skilled bush pilot who has flown exclusively for the cartel since 2008.
Operation: SMUGGLING

A former cartel bodyguard, Antonio Garcia-Taylor now controls the cartel's key transportation network in Mojocoyo.
El Pulpo.png
El Pulpo
Operation: SMUGGLING

Accountant to the cartel, expert money-launderer.
El Gato
Operation: SMUGGLING

Packaging manager. A cartel member since the age of 16, del Toro earned the nickname El Gato for the many times he's cheated death.
El Muro GRW.png
El Muro
Operation: SECURITY

A former soldier in Mexico's special forces, Munguia joined the cartel in 2009 and is now El Sueño's chief bodyguard.
La Plaga GRW.png
La Plaga
Operation: SECURITY

Head of Santa Blanca security, social media whore, and El Muro's kid brother.
Yuri Polito.png
La Yuri and El Polito
Operation: SECURITY

Medically Trained. Crazy in love. Torturers.
El Pozolero
Operation: SECURITY

Mysterious and feared, he disposes of dead bodies for the cartel.
Carl Bookhart
Operation: SECURITY

American mercenary, has trained Santa Blanca's troops into an elite military force.
General Baro.png
General Baro
Operation: SECURITY

Leader of Bolivia's La Unidad, in the cartel's pocket.
El Commandante
Operation: SECURITY

Known only as El Commandante, he is rumored to be a decorated soldier and commander of the Unidad base in Media Luna. Not trusted by El Sueño.
Narco Road DLC
Bosses Description
El Invisible.png
El Invisible
No one knows his name. No one knows what he looks like. No one knows where he operates from.
Tonio Mateos.png
Tonio Mateos
Tonio Mateos is a tough-talking street hoodlum obsessed with cars and being a badass gangster. His gang provides vehicles and skilled drivers for Santa Blanca smuggling operations.
Eddie Escovado.png
Eddie Escovado
Eduardo "Eddie" Escovado, the playboy adrenaline-junky, Reality TV and Instagram star. He's loud, he's brash, he's fun. But is Eddie losing his edge? Are the kids coming from behind?
Arturo Rey.png
Arturo Rey
Arturo Rey is a biker evangelist. He claims to be the true Messenger-on-Earth of Santa Muerte and is determined to set up his own chapter of the Santa Muerte cult.
Fallen Ghosts DLC
Bosses Description
Juan Ignacio Merlo
Previously a Colonel in the Mexican Army, then a PMC contractor, Merlo is a man of affairs. He saw an opportunity in Bolivia's state of chaos, and acted fast.
Tomas Ortega
Captain Tomas Ortega is a commander of the
Eastern Precinct in the Los Extranjeros.
Luis Rocha
Major Luis Rocha is a commander of the
Western Precinct in the Los Extranjeros.
Dante Cruzar
Captain Dante Cruzar is a commander of the
Northern Precinct in the Los Extranjeros.

Bonus Bosses