Carzita is the nickname for Javier Coronel Vallardo. He is an international businessman and playboy. Carzita runs the cartel's VIP resort in the P.N. De Agua Verde

He is the son of the wealthy Mexican businessman/Narco, Gonzalo Coronel Vallardo, and the heir of his empire He was educated in the most prestigious universities in the USA and England. His classmates and friends from his University try to take advantage of his father's connections. He represents success, elegance, and power. He's a jetsetter, and is always traveling the world to network, becoming a role model for young people all over the world.

Host of the most exclusive parties in the paradisiac Agua Verde VIP resort, Carzita makes the elite contacts needed to get the cartel bigger and better deals worldwide.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • He is a privileged son of a telecom billionaire.
  • The Ghosts interrogate him for the VIP list.
  • After defeating Carzita, the player will be rewarded with 3 skill points, the Gold Sunglasses for character customization and the Llamativo, a unique variant of the Mk249.