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We're the scalpel, not the sword. We do the job right, nobody has to be a hero. Understood?
- Cedrick Ferguson

Cedrick Ferguson, one of the Ghost Leads, is a U.S. Army captain and a fire-team leader in Ghost Recon. His Advanced Force Operations Team, call-sign Hunter, consists of the John Kozak, Pepper and 30K.


Raven's Rock coup

Ferguson and his team undertook missions to Bolivia, Zambia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Georgia, and Russia during the Raven's Rock coup.


Ferguson may have also assisted in the rebellion against President Raphael Rivera.

Post-Raven's Rock coup

Ferguson was rotated to one of the Ghosts' squadrons on stand-by so he could spend more time with his family. Kozak, 30K, and Pepper were assigned to a team led by Andrew Ross which had operations in Colombia and Libya.


Cedrick Ferguson's gear

Ferguson uses a 30 round loaded ACR that has a fixed buttstock & a 4x magnified Tac Scope during combat, an optical camouflage device, and a suppressed Vector loaded with 28 rounds has an extented stock & a red dot sight during recon.


Ghost Lead's Dossier

Cedrick Ferguson is the kind of leader that every team wants, the one who keeps a clear head even in the midst of chaos. He's decisive, executes with precision, and has a long record of doing just the right thing at just the right time. His cool under fire inspires the utmost confidence in his team. He knows when to push and when to push back, and ultimately commands the respect of all those around him, whether friend or foe.

His personality appears to be extremely calm and a confident leader as shown when his team was deployed into Bolivia to rescue a gunrunner named Gabriel Paez who repeatedly doubted them, and Ghost Lead continued to calmly ensure him of his safety and calling him "sir".



  • He seems to enjoy the song "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley.
  • He has dark skin, small curls on his short black hair, neat beard on his chin and dark brown eyes.
  • He and Kozak have almost identical uniforms.
  • In the video before the Invisible Bear mission, he makes a call to his son, wishing him a happy birthday.
  • When the player finishes Future Soldier's campaign, he is unlocked for use in Ghost Recon Commander.