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The Cerberus are three prototype Titan drones encounterd on the Golem Island and the toughest of the raid bosses.


Drone prototype composed of three killer drones. Cerberus was created through a major technological breakthrough and represents the apex of Skell Technology.

  • Type: Military
  • Function: Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • Equipment: Galling Guns. Explosive aerial drones. High caliber canon. Flashing device. Mortar. Soundwave stunning device. Electrical discharges. Burning inductive laser.
  • Project Phase: Functional Prototype
  • Production: Only one prototype
  • Director: Cole D. Walker
  • Assignment: Guards the most important part of Golem Island, the lava shield.
  • Name Origin: Cerberus is a mythological beast, guardian of hell gates. He is depicted as a three-headed hound.

Located at Sector 3 Golem Island for Project Titan, this boss drone releases a flash to blind all hostile nearby and then scans it's targets using its laser which is an instant kill.




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