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The City Cherubim Mark I drone was designed by Paula Madera as a non-lethal security drone alongside the Sky Cherubim.


Designed to patrol city streets as a mobile CCTV camera, its main function is to scan IDs, record street activity and trigger an alert if it detects infractions. Civilians can interact with its FAYE interface to receive official information from the island's network.

The City Cherubim is currently mass produced and sold in Skell retailers internationally. Current OS version is 5.6.


The drone can be found most commonly (if only) at residential areas patrolling the area. They are non-aggressive, but will alert any nearby Sentinel forces of the player's presence when they are spotted. Once spotted, the drone will emit a click (presumably takes a snapshot of the player), rings a police siren and starts following the player. The drones can be shot down for resources.


Part 1

Part 2


  • The drone is named after a cherubim or cherub, a class of angel depicted as youthful and friendly. Their duty is the protection of the Garden of Eden.


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