Cole Denholm Walker is a former Ghost leader and the leader of the Wolves.


Fourth generation Army, West Point halfback, Walker graduated top of his class. Bucked a family-groomed strategic command career for field operations. Delta Force wanted him after he broke the record for "land navigation" test, and he was recruited by the Ghosts. Part of the need-to-know RET Team, assigned for borderline retaliation operations against dirty targets under US or American Ally protection. Currently deployed in more "standard" operations worldwide as a confirmed Ghost Team Leader.

Operation OracleEdit

"Y'all are Ghosts. Top tier operators. The quiet professionals. Bravest of the brave. Tip of the spear - all that and a bag of chips. But even a bad motherfucker needs help once in a while. Good thing for you, I'm a Ghost too."
— Walker (In Operation Oracle)

During Operation Kingslayer, Nomad's team would be called by Bowman to extract Skell Tech's R&D Technical Director Daniel Rodriguez Arellano who has been arrested by Unidad. The asset has knowledge of sensitive US industrial secrets that must be protected.

They would also meet Major Cole D. Walker, a fellow Ghost Team Leader with his own agenda. He found out that Daniel was the one who designed an advanced surveillance drone for Unidad. Then Unidad weaponized it which killed Walker's teammates Sergeant Major (SGM) Jeffery K. Griffin and Master Sergeant (MSG) Alejandro J. Sanchez.

Events from Operation Oracle and Operation Oracle: Suspicion.

Operation GreenstoneEdit

"I'm a Ghost too. I would expect nothing less."
— Walker (In Operation Greenstone)

At some point between 2019 and 2023, Walker was promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel and he became the secondary commander of the Ghosts. However, throughout this time period, he also went rogue along with multiple Ghosts who were sympathetic towards him and formed his own group which he named the Wolves. He then took control of Auroa and appears to be using their drones in order to hunt down those who used Skell Technology's products to murder his former teammates back in Bolivia. He also hired a private military contractor, Sentinel, to do the security work on the island. He took out the Ghosts who were sent by Mitchell and were led by his old friend Nomad using drone swarms. He and the Wolves might have killed all the Ghosts, including Midas and Weaver, except for Nomad, Vasily, Fixit, Fury and Holt.




  • Walker is played by The Punisher star Jon Bernthal using voice and motion capture performance for Operation Oracle downloadable content and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  • His blood type is A+ or A Positive.
  • His plate carrier has the words "BORN TO HUNT" carved into it.
  • His 2 dog tags say:
    • WALKER
    • COLE D
    • 239-48-6405
    • A P0S
  • His signature sidearm in Operation Oracle is the D50.
  • His bracelet Lion's Den on his right arm can have the Executioner CQC Finisher and has his unique right arm Ghosts tattoo (Walker Tattoo).
  • His RET team in full name is Retaliation Teams.
  • He is the main antagonist in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  • His 3 signature weapons are a Designated Marksman Rifle Massoud 308 - 'Sharp Thunder' in Blackened and Bare Metal color, a Customized Fictional Revolver handgun in Polished Metal color and a Bush Knife having Fictional Design which has Black handle with Metal blade.
  • His DMR 'Sharp Thunder' has an UBR GEN2 Collapsible Stock, an EXPS3 scope with 3x Magnifier, a Precision Bipod, a Suppressor Cover Silencer, the MBUS PRO Sights and an Angled Fore Grip.

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