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I pledged allegiance to the flag of the once United States of America. To the republic for which it claimed to stand. But we've become a nation under God forsaken fools. Highly divisible. Liberated by lies. Justified by complacency. Moral high ground it was built upon has already begun to erode. The blood of the fallen seeping in, widening the chasm, washing away the very land our men died for. No, a house divided against itself cannot stand. What good is a folded flag, or a heart-shaped medal to a grieving family? Our nation has become indifferent to sacrifice. Apathetic to the ideas of our forefathers. The time has come for Wolves to lay claim to this land. The betrayal we faced gave us liberty. Now we wage war against this plague with fear and retribution for all.
- Walker

Cole Denholm (D.) Walker is a former Ghost Lead and the leader of the Wolves.

Walker is a quest character in the Ghost Recon Wildlands mission Operation Oracle, before he becomes one of the two primary antagonists in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.


A fourth generation soldier, Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker is a born warfighter. Born and raised in North Carolina, his parents raised him to have a fear of God, and an unwavering belief in American strength. His father and grandfather were enlisted men, but, at the urging of his father, Walker went to West Point, where he played running back, and graduated top of his class. His teammates remember him for his tenacity, and for "accidentally" breaking a teammate's elbow during practice, ending the young man's military career.


Like most Spec Ops units, the Ghosts are less formal than conventional units, as are the relationships between officers and enlisted men. Due to the secret nature of their work, the members of the Ghosts socialize almost exclusively with each other. Walker was once close with Nomad and Josiah.

He has had a close association with CIA case officer Peter Miles since Afghanistan. He has a wife, Grace, and two teenage daughters, Harper (age 17) and Adelaide (age 14). Walker's family never moved to Auroa, but he would regularly visit them in North Carolina. Despite Walker's long absences, his wife and daughters love and support him a great deal. They are not aware of his secret activities, but Grace shares her husband's bitterness at how he left the Army.


Early military career

Walker prior to Operation Kingslayer

After he popped his lieutenant's cherry with the 187th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, his father's friends in Upper Management wanted to groom young Captain Walker for General. Walker, however, had other plans and he underwent selection for Delta Force. After he finished the toughest portion of the tryout - Land Navigation - in record time, Command had to admit that Walker belonged in Special Ops. He was immediately recruited into the Ghosts.

Walker enjoyed the independence of being a Ghost, and for a time he led a highly-secretive team known as the "Retaliation Team," or "RET Team." RET Team is rumored to have regularly run highly illegal operations, sometimes against American allies and even against Americans.

On his service with the RET Team, Walker says he got personal satisfaction from "terrorizing terrorists." During Operation Kingslayer, he first collaborated with Nomad, another Ghost Team Leader. After attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Walker left the RET Team and deployed to Afghanistan, where he would again work with Nomad. Sergeant Major Josiah Hill also worked with them during this time, and, having shared several harrowing ordeals, the three men became close; however, late in the deployment, Walker committed a morally-questionable and illegal act. Though he witnessed the act, Nomad did not testify against Walker. Following a brief investigation, and expressing his disgust with a war machine that sacrifices its principles to meet its ends, Walker left the Ghosts and the United States Army.

Operation Oracle

Y'all are Ghosts. Top tier operators. The quiet professionals. Bravest of the brave. Tip of the spear - all that and a bag of chips. But even a bad motherfucker needs help once in a while.
Good thing for you, I'm a Ghost too.
- Walker (In Operation Oracle)

Walker during Operation: Oracle

During Operation Kingslayer, Nomad and his team would be called by Karen Bowman to extract Skell Technology's R&D Technical Director Daniel Rodriguez Arellano who has been arrested by La Unidad. The asset has knowledge of sensitive U.S. industrial secrets that must be protected.

They would also meet Major Cole D. Walker, a fellow Ghost Team Leader with his own agenda. He found out that Daniel was the one who designed an advanced surveillance drone for Unidad. Then Unidad weaponized it which killed Walker's teammates Sergeant Major Jeffery K. Griffin and Master Sergeant Alejandro J. Sanchez.

Events from Operation Oracle and Operation Oracle: Suspicion.

Change of heart

In 2021, Walker, Nomad and Hill were deployed in the Middle-East running counter-terrorism operations under Vaughan's command.

In February 22, 2022, Walker saves the life of Nomad in Afghanistan. Nomad, although wounded and bleeding, still kept on firing his assault rifle while Walker used his right hand pull him to the nearest building for safety, firing his revolver with his left hand.

Walker then tortures a prisoner in an allied village in the Middle East. On the same tour, he kills his commanding officer, Vaughan, because Vaughan killed a civilian in an allied village.

On July 20, 2022, Walker officially leaves the United States Army following a brief investigation.

In 2023, with backing from CIA officer Peter Miles, Walker creates the Wolves by recruiting five Ghosts: Flycatcher, Harpy, Sphinx, Rosebud and Yellowleg. He also partnered with friendly rival, Trey Stone and his PMC group Sentinel who helped Walker recruit two of his elite contractors into alpha Wolves: Silverback, a former Army Ranger and Karel Sekulic, a former Bodark.

Operation Citadel and Greenstone

I'm a Ghost too. I would expect nothing less.
- Walker (In Operation Greenstone)

Walker traveled to Auroa where he took great interest in Skell Tech's military technology and Jace Skell made him as Skell Tech's military adviser. He later rallied with Sentinel and took control of Auroa.

Since then, Walker started using both of the company's resources and drones to track down the people who killed his teammates in Bolivia back in 2019. At the same time, he used a UCAV to kill a political candidate who was linked to the murder of his teammates. He proceeded to shut down all communications. Yet Jace who had no choice but to use the Legion drones to take out a U.S. Navy cargo ship, the USS Seay, that was located off the coast of Auroa. This could let the US government notice and commence Operation Greenstone.

Before the 32 Ghosts who were being led by Nomad could land on the island, Walker ambushed them by using drone swarms. He, his Wolves and Sentinel operators might have killed the other Ghosts who survived helicopter crashed, including Weaver, but Nomad, Vasily, Fixit, Fury, Holt and two male Ghost survived the onslaught. Midas, however, is MIA. In the end, Nomad successfully killed Walker at Howard Airfield. With his dying breath, Walker respectfully returned his dog tags to Nomad.


Though Nomad didn't agree on Walker's plans, he did respect him post-mortem unlike Trey Stone, who was called out on being a coward while Stone contacts Nomad's comms numerous times during the conspiracy with Raven's Rock.

Walker's Motivation

"Wolves", huh? The elite, best of the best. And here you are. You're drunk, fraternizing with civilians! And how about you, you pathetic piece of shit? You just let that woman take your weapon.
We were just-... We were just trying to relax, Sir.
<laughs>Well shit, I'm sorry. I would not want to get in your way of "trying to relax".
- Walker tolerates R&R among the Wolves with very little patience.

Walker sees war as the normal state of human existence, and after decades of seeing men, women, and children die, he wants the status quo to change. He wants peace and order. This will take radical and violent action. To stop all war, someone must forcibly take total control of the world. He currently views autonomous lethal drones as the tool, more precise and anonymous than a nuclear bomb, to achieve that goal.


During Operation Oracle, Walker is armed with a chrome D-50 (Desert Eagle), but mentions wanting to bring a "higher-caliber rifle next time".

When being deployed to Afghanistan with Nomad and during Operation Greenstone, Walker is armed with a customized Massoud .308 Designated Marksman Rifle called "Silver Stake", along with his signature sidearm, a custom built .50 caliber Revolver called "Sharp Thunder". During his final showdown with Nomad, Walker wields the Revolver while being guarded by 4 modified WASP Drones, capable of protecting him from any kind of incoming damage.

Breakpoint Missions


  • Walker is played by The Punisher star Jon Bernthal using voice and motion capture performance for Operation Oracle downloadable content and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
  • His plate carrier has the words "BORN TO HUNT" carved into it.
  • His 2 dog tags say:
    • WALKER
    • COLE D
    • 239-48-6405
    • A POS
  • Yet the other dog tag in the Breakpoint Wolves Edition say:
    • WALKER
    • COLE D
    • 239-762-502
    • A POS
  • His signature sidearm in Operation Oracle is the D50.
  • His bracelet Lion's Den on his right arm can have the Executioner CQC Finisher and has his unique right arm Ghosts tattoo (Walker Tattoo).
  • His RET team in full name is Retaliation Teams.
  • In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint he has a 3 signature weapons are a Designated Marksman Rifle Massoud 308 - 'Silver Stake Tactical' in Blackened and Bare Metal color, a Customized Fictional Revolver handgun - 'Sharp Thunder' in Polished Metal color and a Bush Knife having Fictional Design which has Black handle with Metal blade.
  • His DMR 'Silver Stake Tactical' has an UBR GEN2 Collapsible Stock, an EXPS3 scope with 3x Magnifier, a Precision Bipod, a Suppressor Cover Silencer, the MBUS PRO Sights and an Angled Fore Grip.
  • Even though Walker is depicted wearing his mask and the field outfit in almost all of the marketing material for Breakpoint, he only wears the field outfit without the mask during Eagles Down and some pre-recorded footage of Walker seen on billboards and all in all other encounters, just his undersuit.
    • It's possible the game originally involved him wearing the suit more often, but this was obviously changed for the final game.



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