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Contact! is Ghost Recon's first mission in the Mexican Civil War.

Captain Scott Mitchell is sent into Mexico City, Mexico in order to rendezvous with SFC Joe Ramirez, who was sent in on a recon mission to eavesdrop on an important meeting between Nicaraguan rebels while they sell the Guardrail IX device to Carlos Ontiveros.


While the U.S. president is signing a security agreement with the Mexican president, you are sent to the suburbs of Mexico City. Your orders are to neutralize a paramilitary group involved in the theft of Guardrail IX, a multifunction U.S. military black-ops communication asset.

Mission Overview

Captain Scott Mitchell was flown in by a UH-60 Black Hawk, flown by Bud, and was dropped off at an insertion point that was elevated over the mission's AO. Bud explained the mission to Scott: to link up with Joe Ramirez. Ramirez had been sent in at an earlier time to eavesdrop on a meeting between Carlos Ontiveros and the Nicaraguan rebels. Through video feed from Ramirez's position, Bud was able to recognize Carlos Ontiveros.

As Mitchell moved through the streets of the city, Ramirez contacted both Mitchell and Bud through the CROSS-COM. Within moments, he was spotted, however, causing him to lose radio contact with Mitchell. While Mitchell explained to Bud that he can still reach him, Bud objected, instead having the rest of the Ghosts be dropped off for support.

After Mitchell met up with the squad, Bud told Mitchell to send the UAV Drone to Ramirez's last known position. After successfully located Ramirez, the Ghosts moved towards Ramirez's position. As they neared the building where Ramirez was, AH-64 Apache Helicopter support was granted to the Ghosts. After clearing out the enemy hostiles, the Ghosts moved through the warehouse building and linked up with Ramirez. The team is the extracted by the Black Hawk, despite Ramirez urging Mitchell to immediately go after Carlos Ontiveros.


  • Joe Ramirez is identified as simply a 'US Soldier' in the player's HUD after the player identifies him using the UAV Drone.
  • This is the first mission in GRAW where the player starts the mission alone.
  • Ramirez, despite appearing that he is wounded, can be used in the next mission. It is possible that the wound may have been very minor.