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The DSR-1 is a modern bolt-action sniper rifle of German origin. It was developed in the late 1990's as a highly accurate and compact weapon for law enforcement and military use. The DSR-1 is reputed to provide superb quality and performance at a high production cost.

The DSR-1 is a futuristic looking weapon with a bullpup design. The receiver houses the bolt action mechanism. It also functions as a buttstock and features an adjustable cheekpiece and monopod. The free floating barrel is encased by a shroud that doubles as an accessory rail. A top mounted bipod or conventional bipod may be fitted. The Picatinny rail allows a variety of optical sights to be fitted, including a night vision sight in front of the telescopic sight. A clip on suppressor can be fitted over the slotted muzzle brake.

The DSR-1 is chambered in various calibers and feeds from a 5 or 4 round detachable box magazine. The effective range is quoted as 1.100 meters for .300 Winchester Magnum and 1.500 meters for .338 Lapua Magnum. Accuracy is reported to be sub 0.2 MOA at 100 meters and sub MOA at 1 km for the .338 model.

The DSR-1 is a sniper rifle favored by Alicia Diaz, who carries it during Operation War Wraith.