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Dalton Hibbard is a Captain in Ghost Recon who fought Russian ultranationalists with Booth.


Captain Hibbard was an Army Rangers who was deployed with Eagle Squad under the command of General Pettis to Norway to fight a Russian invasion. At one point, he took control of a Hammer drone to rescue a squad. After the battle, he and his squadmate Joe Booth were recruited into Ghost Recon and three months later were deployed to Moscow to neutralize General Maxim Cherskiy. He and Booth were then separated from the rest of his Bravo Team.

They rendezvoused with the double agent Major Maltsev. They helped him rescue a convoy of loyalist government officials, but were captured. They escaped with the help of a sympathetic soldier. The pair then sabotaged an airbase. Afterward, they received word that the Ultranationalists were going to execute captives at the US Embassy; then they got their they escaped the trap and Maltsev, who had been turned, was killed. They escaped with the help of loyalist troopes. Their vehicle was damaged, so they moved to the next rally point.

For the final assault, Operation: Out of Business, they faced Spetsnaz units. They took out an AA gun and boarded a UH-60 Blackhawk to go toward the next point. The assault was fluid, and Hibbard and Booth assisted the forces by hitting an armor column. They also took out a squad of Heavy drones.

General Pettis ordered them to infiltrate Cherskiy's HQ to uncover evidence of his warcrimes. They went underground to the subway and emerged next to the building. Inside, they cleared the lobby of Russian forces and hacked two servers. They chased Cherskiy unto the roof; although their orders were to capture him, they were forced to shoot him as he tried to extract unto a helicopter.