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Not to get biblical, but these people need delivered from evil.
- Socrates on Cruzar

Captain Dante Cruzar, also known as O Diabo (The Devil) is a former Brazilian Military Police officer and a commander of the Northern Precinct in the Los Extranjeros mercenary unit operating in Bolivia. Cruzar uses brutal methods to make the inhabitants believe that they don't stand a chance against Los Extranjeros.


After Nomad's Ghost Recon team provoked him by tearing through his operation, he then attacked a rebel base, killing all of the rebels there, before giving a message to the Ghosts to meet him at the church, that is where Nomad's team killed him.

The music that can be heard in the church is “Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 2nd movement”


He and Merlo can´t be grabed in their final misions.