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In Ghost Recon Predator

Drones are equipment used by the Ghost Special Forces operators. Alpha Team leaders had access to the drones, which were wheeled and equipped with a camera, around the time of the Sri Lankan crisis. The drones could also self-destruct with the force of an M67 fragmentation grenade. The equipment was similar to the SUGV.

In Ghost Recon Future Soldier

"Can be used to scout, tag, and stun enemies. Drone crawler also benefits from Optical Camo effects."

The drone is first seen in Tiger Dust and had been used by Hunter Team during Raven's Rock coup. Marcus Kelso briefed "On deployment, this drone turns into a low IR signature UAV, capable of tagging hostiles. If there's too much air traffic, ground it and it performs as an UGV. It also packs a sonic pulse weapon in crawler mode - just don't rely on it too much."


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