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If a sinner chooses to worship at my church, if he chooses to pray with me - it is my duty to God to help the flock find its way. It does not make me a criminal.
- El Cardenal

Gustavo Serrano, also known as El Cardenal, is a true believer in Santa Muerte. He uses the saint to try to make life better for people all across Mexico and Bolivia. He feels that the only way to instill loyalty is to improve the quality of life.

El Cardenal is one of the closest advisors of El Sueño, suggesting propaganda and philanthropy strategy, but also delivering sermons in Santa Blanca churches and on the radio. In charge of public image, he encourages El Sueño to hold charity events but also develop education and humanitarian NGO activities. He is the one who suggested that El Sueño write his own bible.

He was excommunicated by the church, but with the cartel's support he was able to maintain his community.


Extreme zealot. Very loud and boisterous. A true believer.

Cartel influence

He was responsible for asking El Chido to tour the country as a morale booster.

Karen Bowman calls him and Ramon Feliz the cartel's Yin and Yang - different aspects of influence.

He works with the following buchons:

Behind the scenes

  • He is played by Tony Plana.
  • After the Ghosts complete the operation, it comes to light that the Cartel is trafficking in children, and El Sueño orders him to hold a special mass to deny the accusations.
  • Capturing El Cardenal will reward the player with 10 skill points and 15,000 comms tools resources.