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El Cerebro (The Brain), real name Patricio Mendez Valle, is an engineer in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel located in Caimanes. He serves as a "buchon" under Nidia Flores and designs the cartel's submersible smuggling craft.

El Cerebro creates new technologies to get information and to move merchandise under the radar.

He is from a poor family in Mexico. He was the fifth child and while considered eccentric, he was clearly gifted from an early age. He would have been bullied and beaten in grade school if it were not for his older brother, a tough gang member who protected him. After his brother became a member of the Santa Blanca cartel, he introduced El Cerebro to Nidia Flores. The cartel paid for his education and he became the first in his family to attend college, at the Universidad Autonoma de Informatica, followed by graduate school in America at the California Institute of Technology. After he graduated with honors in 2014, Nidia put him to work.

In the Fallen Ghosts DLC, the Ghosts infiltrate an old Cartel outpost, still under their control. They mention El Cerebro in there passing of gathering Intel from the outpost.

In Fallen Ghosts as well, you interrogate a Ex Santa Blanca member in the mission Old Friends, he heavily resembles El Cerebro, but they never mention his name. Whoever he is, he's wearing a suit in the mission meaning you can't see the tattoos that El Cerebro had.

Behind the scenes

  • El Cerebro is 1 of 2 buchons that "escape", the other is El Pulpo.
  • He is one of the underbosses the Ghosts must encounter if they choose to go after the Smuggling pillar. Once the region is completed it is revealed he outsmarted the Ghosts and they instead captured his head submarine designer.
  • After "Defeating" El Cerebro the player is rewarded with 5 skill points, the Penance Tattoo player customization item and the Experimento #42, a unique variant of the 9mm C1.