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El Chido, real name Marcelo Rios, is the world's most famous narcocorrido who is loved by many people as well as Santa Blanca. He has performed many songs that usually take place in Malca to praise Santa Blanca and recruit people.

El Chido is a star in America Latina and the USA and has sold over 100,000 copies of his last album. He grew up in the Narco-culture, and his home town was an SB town. Many of his close friends are Narcos. Even if he says to the media he is not working for the cartel, he’s the most popular face of the Narco culture as he turns their stories into legends and the cartel members into heroes.

As the cartel story teller, he writes and sings songs about the Buchones, making them look like heroes and roles models, symbolizing the cool part of the Narco culture. He believes the cartel is a rebellion against the corrupted world system, the violent answer of the people against governments and corporations. The opportunities that the cartel offers are equal for everyone.

Behind the scenes

  • Defeating El Chido will award the player with the "¡UY!" and 5 skill points.
  • El Chido's personal car has a phoenix decal on the hood. This same decal is used as the logo for the Strategic Homeland Division from Tom Clancy's The Division.