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El Gato (The Cat), real name Ricardo Godinez Del Toro, is a smuggling boss in the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel and has been working for the Santa Blanca since he was sixteen. He serves as a "buchon" under Nidia Flores.

Son of a famous plastic surgeon that worked for the stars and the narcos, he grew up surrounded by these people. He started to work for the Santa Blanca when he was 16 years old. A big buchon died from a complication in a surgery his father was performing, and they both knew the consequences. The cartel was going after his father, and the widow of the buchon wanted revenge. This meant torture and lots of pain before dying. So El Gato made a decision. He killed his father. One bullet in the head in the name of the cartel.

He has a locket containing his father's ashes inside which he snorts when he needs confidence because he believes that "It's the real power that comes from death". In his province, Remanzo, he works through middlemen to coordinate his routes, and also employs a double.

His nickname comes from his supposed numerous lives. After surviving numerous attempts on his life, he developed a reputation as unkillable. According to his Kingslayer's File, "He's been shot, stabbed, garroted, blown up, burned, thrown off a building, run over by a car, half drowned -- But he always comes back." 

Behind the scenes

  • Defeating El Gato will reward the player with 3 skill points, the Saber Scar character facial customization 'item', and the La Novena, a unique variant of the D-50.