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El Invisible, real name Mr Zamuro, born Jose Vargas, and at one point taking the alias Señor Sonrisa, He was is one of El Sueño's top drug smugglers.


He is the second cousin to Eddie Escovado and has a tattoo of a rosebud on his leg. He hides his identity, using a voice modulator to remain "invisible". After a Ghost Recon infiltrator joined the gangs in Santa Blanca in an attempt to uncover El Invisible's identity, three gang leaders (Eddie Escovado, Arturo Rey and Tonio Mateos) recommended the "mercenary" to El Invisible, leading the smuggler to hire him in for two jobs.

The infiltrator, after completing the two missions, was invited to meet El Invisible. However, the Ghost was betrayed as El Invisible had figured out the truth.

Amused, El Invisible opened the door to his UNIDAD prison cell, allowing the Ghost to escape.

The Ghost was contacted by a Señor Sonrisa, who in exchange for access to the smuggler's PDA, wanted immunity and a trip back to the United States. The Ghost then retrieved from a Unidad base, then shot down what was believed to be El Invisible's helicopter. He then brought the PDA to the Central Intelligence Agency for processing.

However, it was a trap by "Señor Sonrisa", revealed to be El Invisible, who gave the CIA a virus before disappearing into the U.S. wilderness.

Two years later, the CIA uncovered his location in a shack in Arizona and sent the Ghost infiltrator to tie up the loose ends. He then dueled El Invisible, killing him with the D-50.