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We are men out here in the wild. We don't play these pinches morritos games.
- El Muro

El Muro (The Wall), real name Francisco Ricardo Munguia is the head of security for the Santa Blanca Cartel, is also El Sueño’s childhood best friend and personal bodyguard. Cold, highly trained, and professional, he could be considered the cartel equivalent of a Ghost. He is also La Plaga's older brother.

Francisco Ricardo was born in poverty and grew up on a farm next to the huge mansions belonging to the drug lords. Life was ruthless there, and El Muro would say about his birth, “They cut my umbilical cord with a shard from a broken cocaine mirror.” His friend El Sueño left the village when he was 11 years old, and El Muro followed him soon after, joining the Mexican military and rising through the ranks. Later into the special forces of the Mexican military. In 2009, he joined the cartel. These days, El Muro provides protection for the Santa Blanca cartel, making sure that every division can operate in safety by taking care of issues ranging from the Kataris 26 rebels to the Unidad forces.

Security Operation

El Muro's Little brother, La Plaga, is his chief underboss.

El Muro works with the following buchons:

Behind the scenes

  • He is played by Jose Rosete.
  • Defeating El Muro will reward the player with 10 skill points and 15,000 medical resources.
  • "El Muro" means "The Wall" in spanish.