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Polite and soft-spoken, Murillo is believed to have disposed of 600 victims on behalf of the Santa Blanca cartel.
- In-game Description.

Raul Murillo, also known as El Pozolero (The Stewmaker), is a member of the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel's Security division, and is responsible for disposing of the bodies of those the cartel has "disappeared" throughout Bolivia. He serves as the Buchon for the San Mateo region of Bolivia.

He worked in construction until he lost his job, then he got hired by the Santa Blanca Drug Cartel, which taught him how to dissolve bodies when they discovered he had a strong constitution for it. Should the cartel need to subtly dispose of one of the victims so as to leave no trace, the murder victim is sealed inside a plastic barrel or oil drum and delivered by truck to El Pozolero's base in San Mateo. Wearing latex gloves and a gas mask, El Pozolero submerges the bodies in caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) then stirs them for 24 hours until they turn to liquid. He dumps the 'stew' and crushes up the remaining bones and teeth.

Though El Pozolero is considered a figure of nightmare and subject of endless horror stories even by fellow members of the cartel, the Ghosts soon discover after taking him into custody that he is actually developmentally disabled with the emotional range and intellectual capacity of a small child, and is incapable of comprehending the horrific nature of his work.

He's never really hurt anybody, but has probably melted about 600 bodies.



  • In game, El Pozolero is quite a nervous character. If he sees a Ghost coming at him, he will certainly try to run to save his life rather than directly assaulting the player, hence the interest in capturing him undetected.
  • There is a person in real life much like him also called the stew maker. He was allegedly a part of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico. He disposes of bodies in a very similar way dumping them in acid drums and grinding up whatever was left.