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"Simon Bolivar said that the United States was destined to plague the Americas with misery." And now that misery is upon my house.
- El Yayo

Rudolfo Yana, aka El Yayo (The Grandfather), is a man willing to work with anyone to protect his people. Some would call him a traitor, but others would define him as a true survivor.

Production Operation

La Gringa is Yayo's chief underboss

El Yayo works with the following buchons:


El Yayo was a coca union leader, but his ambition quickly led him to become a major drug producer in Bolivia. He first organized the cocaleros into a medium-level cocaine production operation. But when the Santa Blanca cartel set its eyes on his country, they threatened El Yayo’s family and he was forced to work for them. He’s currently the highest-ranking Bolivian in the organization.

El Yayo prefers making deals over resorting to violence, but his traditional values could become a problem if the drug production demand continues to grow. Under pressure, El Yayo will have to choose where his loyalty lies.

He considers the product he grows to be "his plants", and employs scientists like Marcus Jensen and La Gringa to grow hybrids. Like the other heads of the Cartel pillars, he had an underboss and several lieutenants under his command.

Moreover, Juan Pablo Baro Rebolledo is his longtime friend.


Pragmatic, leader.

Behind the scenes

  • He is played by Gregory Zaragoza.
  • After capturing El Yayo the player is rewarded with 10 skill points and 15,000 'food parcels' resources.
  • In Sueno's video on El Yayo, he is referred to as the "Farmer King"