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The Engineer class utilizes some extremely beneficial technology to help it reign supreme over its enemies on the battlefield as well as explosives. This technology consists of a Defense Drone that can take on plenty of enemy fire and return in with even great power to mow down groups of combatants and supply Drones to resupply you and your allies or used as a explosive when shot.

Class Summary

Class Item - Supply Drone

Engineer players can deploy a supply drone that any player (including the owner) can interact with to gain a magazine of high-grade ammo that fits any weapon.

  • The supply drone can be shot to trigger an explosion and shows it's explosion radius when deployed.
  • High-grade ammo does more damage than standard ammunition. It works best with high damage or large magazine weapons.
  • After you load a magazine of high-grade ammo into your current weapon, you can interact with the supply drone to gain another magazine to load into a different weapon. You can repeat this process for all 3 of your weapons and then carry one additional magazine of high-grade ammo in reserve.
  • High grade ammo stays when using a bivouac (and gets refilled).

Class Bonuses

As a Engineer you gain:

  • Piercing Bullets - +5% to +10% damage to drones.
  • GRL (Grenade Launcher effectively, so M203 and the MGL) Proficiency - +10% to +20% explosion radius.

Defense Drone 

Your Class technique is the Defense Drone, which takes a few seconds to deploy but will attract enemy fire and attack nearby enemies or enemies you tell it to, within range. It is charged by killing enemies, damaging drones,and explosive kills.

  • It is ineffective at killing Wolves but good at distracting, similar applies to Heavies.
  • Targeting has a max range and after target is KIA it will return to the user and stay near you til it sees a enemy or you tell it to target another

Defense Drone
Ezgif-3-612ebcb73c07.gif Attacks nearby enemies and attracts fire.

Level Rewards

Every level grants a skill point,you start at level 1.

  • Level 2 - Piercing Round boost (5% to 10%)
  • Level 3 - MC Arid
  • Level 4 - Engineer Emblem
  • Level 5 - Senior Engineer title
  • Level 6 - GL proficiency radius increased (10% to 20%)
  • Level 7 - Mark 2 melee
  • Level 8 - Engineer Elite emblem
  • Level 9 - Master Engineer Title
  • Level 10 - M-32 MGL Blueprint 
  • Level 11 - Skell credits & metal parts
  • Level 12 -Architect Gloves : Engineer
  • Level 13 - Skell credits & LMG parts
  • Level 14 - Architect Top : Engineer
  • Level 15 -Skell credits & High end Parts
  • Level 16 -Architect Pants : Engineer
  • Level 17 - Skell credits & AR parts
  • Level 18 - Architect Vest : Engineer
  • Level 19 - Skell credits & Elite weapon parts
  • Level 20- A-TACS AU Weapon paint,Architect Mask and BP for the MK48 SAW

Trivia and Tips

  • The Defense Drone is the same model as the Wasp drone used by Sentinel Drone Operators, but reacts differently.
  • The Engineer does not pair well with the Panther Class due to a focus on explosive weapons, however it is not a bad idea due to high grade ammo.
  • Sharpshooters do benefit from High Grade ammo rather well as do Assaults and Medics


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