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The Five-Seven is a modern pistol of Belgian origin. It was developed by FN of Belgium in the late 1990's as a companion to the P90 sub machine gun. The name was derived from the 5.7x28mm round it fires. As such, it is the first successful pistol in a high velocity small diameter caliber.

The Five-seven is a delayed blowback pistol. The exterior consists of polymer, while the internal mechanism is made out of metal. The hammer is encased by the polymer coated steel slide. A distinctive feature is that the Five-seven is thinner near the muzzle. An accessory rail is mounted under the forward frame.

The Five-seven is a semi-automatic pistol that fires the 5.7x28mm round from a 20 round magazine. The Five-seven is unique in providing true armor piercing capability in a medium sized and medium powered pistol. A longer threaded barrel is available for mounting a silencer. The effective range is a few dozen meters.


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