Overview Ghost Recon 2 G.R.A.W. Shadow Wars Future Soldier Wildlands

  • SCAR-L Carbine

5.56x45mm - The SOF Combat Assault Rifle Light (SCAR-L) was developed for US Special Forces. It features a modular design that is built for dependability and versatility.


5.56x45mm - This compact version of the SCAR-L has a shorter barrel, with a suppressor attached. It is slightly less accurate and powerful than the standard model.

  • SCAR-H Rifle

7.62x51mm - The SCAR-H is the heavy hitting version of the SCAR, chambered for the 7.62 NATO round. It has more stopping power and range, but less ammo and higher recoil.


7.62x51mm - The marksman variant of the SCAR-H, the SV is fitted with a heavy barrel and long-range scope for accurate fire.


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