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High range, high damage, punishing spread.
- In-game description

The MK17 is a high-damage assault rifle, rivaling the other 7.62mm rifles in terms of damage per shot. Its rate of fire is low and the recoil intense, making single shots or bursts almost mandatory for long-range use. Its blueprint can be found in Windy Islands and it is a common weapon in the hands of Sentinel riflemen.

MK17 Assault Variant

Assault variant: tougher recoil, higher power.
- In-game description

The MK17 Assault blueprint can be purchased from Maria's shop. It adds even more damage over the base MK17 at the cost of added recoil and lack of a semi-automatic mode, making it a better choice for Ghosts who need a hard-hitting close-range battle rifle.

MK17 Assault | Wolves Variant

Part of the Wolves series. Assault variant: tougher recoil, higher power.
- In-game description

The MK17 Assault | Wolves can be purchased from the Store with Ghost Coins. It essentially is the Assault variant with the Wolves' paint scheme.

MK17 Shorty Variant

The MK17 Shorty blueprint can be found on Golem Island. It reduces recoil at the cost of range, making the MK17 a more controllable and easy-to-use rifle. However, players with more experience managing the recoil may find more utility out of the higher power that other variants provide.

MK17 Scout Variant

The MK17 Scout is a rare drop from Tactical Caches. It restricts the MK17 to semi-automatic only in exchange for higher-magnification optics and a significant range and accuracy boost. Like other Scout conversions of assault rifles, the MK17 Scout is a far superior weapon for picking off enemy snipers or HVTs but falls behind its automatic counterparts in serial engagements.

Tiered Weapons

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