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Flor De Oro
Flor De Oro
Main Town Chorrillos
Ecosystem Forest Valley
Map Flor de Oro
Flor De Oro is a Bolivian province completely under control of La Unidad. It is run by the security buchon, General Baro. It is a province covered with mostly forest. M.O.B Jaguar, Unidads HQ, is found here, along with F.O.B Serpentine, Combat Outposts, Checkpoints, and a Military Hospital.

Flor De Oro is described as:
A peaceful forest province.

It is surrounded by Malca in the west, Libertad to the east and La Cruz from the south.

Story missions are mainly comprised of finding intel in M.O.B Jaguar's underground section, tailing a Lieutenant, and arranging a meet, and capturing General Baro.

The following missions take place in Flor De Oro:


Flor de Oro has a rugged landscape covered with a thick forest. The people work in forestry and soybean cultures. The province is crossed by several roads and a railway track.

The small town of Chorrillos is the capital of the province, its economy is based on forestry. The villages of Rocha, Nupucu, and Huma Chua share their activity between forestry and soybeans.

This peaceful province was spared by the Santa Blanca. The absence of the cartel and the presence of a good communication network were reasons for the commander of the Unidad, General Baro, to settle its Headquarters and one of the two main bases of its special forces in the province. Since then the province has been, totally under the control of the Unidad.