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Hank “Flycatcher” Hua is one of the four lieutenants under the command of the Wolves leader Cole D. Walker.


A third-generation Chinese-American from Los Angeles, Flycatcher grew up with a lot of traditional Chinese values, but he also grew up with the American values of innovation and invention. He's been building his own computers since he was 7, and he always excelled as a student.

Professional Career

To earn college tuition, he enlisted as an Army MP out of high school, but he discovered that innovative technology was being tested in the fires of battle. He wanted to be there. The best he could manage was reenlisting as an Army CID Digital Forensics Specialist, but he did not give up his passion for tinkering. It was at a civilian drone racing event that he was first noticed by former Ghost, Cole D. Walker, after winning the agility events with a custom drone so advanced it was a third the size of the other competitors, and three times faster. Walker recognized the applications immediately. Younger than the other Wolves, Flycatcher feels he is not respected. He hasn't racked up the same body count as they have, and he relies on technology more than anyone else on their team.


Flycatcher is known as a reliable, nerdy soldier. Utilizing drones in combat, the other Wolves don't think of him as being very tough.


He has no siblings, and he has a girlfriend named Janice back in Los Angeles. He has no close friends among the Wolves, but he admires Silverback. He also has something of a crush on Rosebud. He is known affectionately (or disparagingly) by the other Wolves as “The Kid”.


In-game, Flycatcher is always seen armed with a TAVOR (with the same attachments as other Wolf Riflemen) and his 2 customized WASP Drones. Additionally, he is known to have a Custom P90, but is never seen using it. In trailers and other promotional material, Flycatcher is seen armed with a SIG 553.

Breakpoint Missions



  • His blood type is O positive.
  • The Ghosts have a small taste of what Flycatcher's deadly drones can do.
  • Based on his Journal entries, he possibly has a crush on Rosebud, despite already in a relationship with Janice.
  • Although his primary weapon is P90, he uses the TAVOR with the attachments that are seen on wolf riflemen.
  • When in combat, he releases one of his 2 modified WASP drones that acts as support. Turns out if shooting either 2 drones on his back should be able to kill him, just like killing Sentinel's drone operators.
  • Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad lists his age as 25, making his moniker as “The Kid” more fitting. However, it is unconfirmed if that is his real age or not.