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The GAZ-66 is a tactical truck of Soviet origin. It was developed in the early 1960's to replace the GAZ-67 and is a further development of the GAZ-62.

The GAZ-66 was one of the most common light trucks in Soviet service and remains in widespread use today.

The GAZ-66 is a further development of the GAZ-62 1.2 t light truck. It features a more powerful engine, stronger chassis and is larger in all dimensions. The engine is mounted under the steel two seat forward control cab. A wide variety of body types can be installed. Normally a flatbed with drop sides and tarpaulin cover is fitted.

The GAZ-66 is unarmed. It is used to transport or tow various weapon systems, including the 120mm 2B11 mortar and 14.5mm ZPU and 23mm ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns.

The GAZ-66 is not armored and has no mine protection, NBC system or smoke grenade dischargers.

The all wheel drive chassis and large wheels result in a good off road mobility. The maximum road speed is 90 km/h. A 123 hp diesel engine provides propulsion.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The Russian armed forces, Dede Macaba's soldiers, Raven's Rock and Bodark used them the most.


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