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The GAZ-2330 Tigr light utility vehicle was designed by the famous Russian automaker GAZ for military and civil markets. This high mobility vehicle was modeled after the US HMMWV. First prototypes of the Tigr were revealed in 2002. Production commenced in 2005. Currently it is in service with the Russian Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs. These vehicles are used to deploy rapid-reaction teams, escort convoys, conduct patrols. By 2010 just over 350 of these vehicles were delivered. However today it is estimated that more than 700 Tigr vehicles are in service with Russia.

The GAZ Tigr is simple in design and technology. It is about the same size as the HMMWV. This utility vehicle has a payload capacity of 1 500 kg. It fits the gap between light utility vehicles and light trucks. The Tigr is available with various body styles - passenger, armored, cargo. It can be tailored to suit various mission requirements.

The standard version of the Tigr high-mobility vehicle provides seating for driver and 11 passengers. There are some specialized versions of this vehicle, such as an anti-tank missile carrier.

A 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm machine gun or 30 mm automatic grenade launcher can be mounted on top of the roof. There is also a roof hatch.

An armored version of the Tigr is available. It has welded 5 mm armor plates and is also fitted with a spall liner. Two protection levels are available. Vehicle's armor provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters and IEDs. Armored version is 700 kg heavier, than the standard Tigr.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

The Russian armed forces, Raven's Rock, Watchgate mercenaries and Bodark used them the most. Some variants have automactic turret versions Knight's Armament Company LMG that has no butt-stocks mounted on top of the roof.


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