Ghost Lead, this is Bullseye. You're clear. Is the target secure?"
"We've got a few holdouts in the lower vault. No sign of Treskayev yet.
- Ghost Lead during the capture of the Kremlin

The Ghost Lead was an unnamed soldier who was active during the insurgent conflict and served with the H.A.W.X. Squadron in the near future.


Insurgent conflictEdit

Ghost Lead and his team, under armed escort from Major Alex Hunter and Major Rebecca Walters in an AC-130U Spooky gunship, rescued the H.A.W.X. flight leader, Colonel David Crenshaw, from the insurgents in Africa. A tank destroyed their V-22 Osprey, so he and his team took a local transport vehicle and seized a patrol boat. Then, they rendezvoused with the Navy's frigate, USS Marshall.

Ghost Lead later went into action with Lieutenant Colin Munro's squadron and the Royal Navy when the Russian military invaded Norway. During the first phrase of Operation Triton, Munro escorted and protected the Ghosts' landing craft until they could reach the shore.

Ghost Lead and his team once again worked with H.A.W.X. squadron when they entered Moscow alongside Russian units extremely loyal to President Anton Karzkazev to capture an Ultranationalist leader named Aleksandr Treskayev inside the Kremlin. The Ghosts stormed the building and secured it, and reported the situation to the H.A.W.X. Squadron, but no sign of Treskayev.


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