A Ghost Leader was in charge of a Ghost team consisting of 30K, Pepper, and Chuck. He led the team to Sokolov's base to stop his dealings and ended up having to disarm nuclear weapons; the weapons were stolen by Bodark.


The Ghost Leader led 30K, Pepper, and Chuck in a mission to Chelyabinsk province, Russia, where they infiltrated Sokolov's base to disarm six nuclear weapons. The Ghost Lead rode in the cab with Dimitri and helped take down Russian soldiers at a checkpoint. Upon reaching the base, they kitted up and sneaked in. Sokolov and Chevchenko's deal did not succeed, but the Ghosts were able to secure the weapons. Chuck was trying to disarm them when the team was ambushed by the Bodark, and was killed. The Ghost Lead got into a BMP-1 to save 30K from the Bodark drone by crashing it into the water. They killed all the Bodarks but the helicopter took the nukes away.

The remaining nuclear weapon was eventually launched toward London but was shot down by the SLAMS missile defense system.


The Ghost Lead spoke fluent Russian. He was able to quick-draw his pistol and place a headshot against a Russian soldier. He referred to his men as "boys." He carried a PX4 pistol, a P90 with a reflex sight, and a rocket launcher on the mission along with a Cross Com system.


Alpha team

The team, ready for battle


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