Policies are the backbone of the wiki. Like guidelines and rules, all users, regardless of status and position, are expected to follow them. None of these policies are ever set in stone, however. Anyone who disagrees with a policy is welcome to suggest changes at the War Room. Here is a listing of our policies:

Community PoliciesEdit

  • Don't Delete Discussions - Do not remove discussion from a talk page unless it is blatant vandalism. This policy applies to user talk pages as well.
  • Spoiler Policy - The wiki is an encyclopedia, and as such, certain information contained in articles might spoil storyline in the game. Read at your own risk.
  • Ignore All Rules - Use common sense first and then see if a policy applies to the situation in question.
  • Consensus - Consensus is how the wiki operates and is the model for its decision making.

Page and File PoliciesEdit

  • Character Policy - Some guidelines to follow when making an article about a character.
  • Criteria for Speedy Deletion - Most deletions on the wiki are a result of speedy deletion. See this policy to check to make sure if a page meets the criteria to be speedy deleted. If a user thinks that an article should be deleted, but it does not meet the criteria, than he or she may bring it up at Articles for Deletion.
  • First Name Policy - Characters that do not have their first name explicitly stated in the game must have a source for a supposed first name.
  • Image Policy - Some guide lines to follow when uploading images.
  • Ghost Recon Wiki:Page layout - How to format a page.

User PoliciesEdit

  • User Treatment Policy - Be considerate and not disruptive.
  • Blocking Guidelines - Destructive editors and vandals that need to be blocked should be barred from editing the wiki in increasing periods of time depending on the magnitude of vandalism or controversial edits and if they were blocked previously.