Ghost Recon Wiki

If it weren't for the warfare that's inevitably going to be waged on this map, this place would be beautiful. The village is covered in a thin mist at early sunrise, and its cobblestone paths and parks invite you to sit down and take five. That all changes when the bullets start flying. With dozens of intersections and stairs leading to all sorts of different levels, you can hide in seconds or come upon the opposition quite unexpectedly. Keep on your toes and get in the habit of looking over your shoulder a lot so you can maintain a 360-degree field of vision any time you move out in the open.

Watch the streets. There are lots of great alcoves to hide in, and keep an eye on people coming down the streets.

Around the central courtyard is a walkway that gives you some great views on your opponents, but be careful up there because you do not have much cover.

When the action heats up and the opposition has a leg up on your position, beat a strategic retreat to the southern half of the map. The streets around the large buildings are a more controlled environment, and you can hold off a large force from the key intersections.