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Golem Island is a remote volcanic island to north-east of the Auroa archipelago and the location of Project Titan as well as the raid in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

About the Island

The island is made up of 3 sectors transitioning from an arboreal forests to an active volcano that erupts with lava.

The entrance to the island is a narrow canyon with numerous rock to which numerous wrecks have crashed. Directly to the east can a drone testing facility be found, where the Gargoyle boss fight takes place.

Wast majority of island is covered by lush forests similar to the main island. In addition to the largest main volcano of the island, numerous smaller craters are found scattered across the landscape, some of which have volcanic activity. Skell Technology as established several facilities directly into the craters. The main volcano is closely monitored by Natural Hazards Control.

The landscape around the chemical refinery to the north of the entrance is covered in toxic deposits of sulfur. The boss battle with the Baal drone takes place directly in the crater of the facility. A large sattelite dish has been also installed on top of a smaller crater to the side of the chemical refinery.

Sector 3 is completely barren of life. The 1968 eruption has left nothing but scortched remains of trees. A cold war era insallation can be found at a no man's land to the east of the caldera, which has been engulfed by meters of ash, indicating that it was buried by a pyroclastic flow. A dense fog of ash still covers the site.

A lava shield has been installed beside the main caldera to protect a scandium mine. The shield is guarded by the deadly Cerberus drone.

To the south-east near the shore line can be found the Skell Quantum Super Computer. The site can only be reached by boat (or by carefully mounting a smaller helicopter on any big enough platform).


Sector 01

Sector 02

Sector 03

Project Titan

Main article: Project Titan

Our first raid takes you to a remote island with an active volcano, where you’ll face lethal challenges and opponents. Even with up to four co-op players and top-tier communication, you’ll need to use every skill you’ve learned to survive Project Titan. Free to play and fully replayable, raids are also a chance to earn exclusive rewards. And they'll get even hotter after release, with new weekly rules to keep players on their toes.
- Description


World Lore:

  • Baal - Near a pond to the west of the insertion zone
  • Gargoyle - A cold war site to the east at the coastal cliffs in an abandoned tower
  • Skell Quantum Computer - To the east of the main road when driving from the Missile Site Ruins towards Camp Salamander.
  • Cerberus - A hideout at the coastal cliffs near the main Golem island volcano, when going north-east from the No Man's Land


  • Golem Island is the site of the Raid.
  • If the player decides to try to cross the island without being in a raid, then Legion drones will come and destroy the vehicle they are in, killing them instantly. This also applies if they try to fly to Golem Island without being in a raid (There is a tiny zone that is safe, but that's how far you can go without dying). The player is as of Title Update 3.03 released in October 2020 able to cross over to the island safely. However, the drones will still attempt to kill the players if they go out of bounds.
  • A ladder has been mounted on the side of the entrance if the players wish to explore the island outside of the raids. The raid bosses have been replaced by regular Behemoths, the super-computer is inaccessible and the player is unable to get the same kind of rewards as during the raid.
  • During the technical tests, the island seemed to be much closer with the ash cloud appearing much larger and visible all the way back at Erewhon.



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