Grenadier GR2.png

When you want a little more firepower than a standard soldier, strap on some extra grenades, courtesy of the Grenadier. You lack the speed of a Rifleman's weapon and the range of a Marksman's weapon, and though you don't carry as many bullets as a gunner, you can probably inflict more damage with your explosives.

Known Grenadiers:


Grenadier Weapons
M16 M203 (GR2).png

This rifle features accurate fire and an underslung grenade launcher. While it is slower to aim than the M4, it provides more accurate fire.
M4 M320 (GR2).png

The M4 is faster to aim than the M16, although it is slightly less accurate. The light weight of the M320 is also an improvement over the older M203 launcher.
M8 M320.png

The M8 carbine with an M320 launcher is a lethal platform. While slightly bulky, this weapon provides fast and accurate fire.

The "Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-personnel Weapon System" is the Ghosts primary weapon for destroying armored vehicles. The M3A2 has substantial weight savings over older models.


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